Aalto Paimio

This chair is perhaps the best-known piece of furniture designed by a Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. It was designed in 1931 for the Paimio Sanatorium architectural project. This particular chair is unmarked, like most of the officially licensed Artek products, and judging from the color of the lacquer seems to be from the 70′s.

Chair’s Story

Aalto’s experiments with wood led to the design of the Paimio scroll chair and soon after a cantilevered version, fulfilling his goal of “making a wooden chair ‘soft.” After exhibiting his furniture in London in 1935 to great acclaim, Aalto experienced heightened consumer demand and as a result founded the company Artek that same year with his wife Aino, Marie Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Hahl.

Paimio is a town in southwestern Finland where Alvar Aalto designed a tuberculosis sanatorium and all its furnishings in 1928-1933. Since the 30′s the Paimio Sanatorium has been acclaimed internationally as a major modern architectural achievement. Originally the Paimio Chair was used in the patients’ lounge, and the angle of the back of this armchair was intended to help sitters breathe more easily. Today Paimio Chair can be found from the homes of modern design lovers and in numerous museums including the Museum of Modern Art. The modern design, beautiful lines combined with sitting comfort is something that rarely can be combined as well as in the Paimio Chair.

The chair is made from birch and originally came with a natural birch seat. In the 60′s new variations with black and white seats were taken into production. The chair is all wooden, but yet comfy – a sitting experience worth trying.

SPECIFICATIONS:  Good condition. Some age appropriate wear.
MATERIALS:  Birch plywood, black lacquered seat.
WIDTH:  61 cm / 24 in
DEPTH:  82 cm / 32 in
HEIGHT:  66 cm / 26 in
SEAT HEIGHT:  31 cm / 12 in