Mackintosh Ingram Chair

These two chairs are hand crafted replicas of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s design for a dining chair in the White Dining Room of the Ingram Tea Rooms in Glasgow circa 1910. The chairs are ash with black stain and have dark rose color velvet upholstery.

Chair’s Story

Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed the Highback Ingram Chair around 1910 for the White Dining Room of the Ingram Tea Rooms in Glasgow, Scotland. The same model in a painted version with glass insets was used in the Mains Street Flat (1901).  In 1900, Kate Cranston gave Mackintosh the opportunity to redesign an entire room at the Ingram Street tearoom. He had just recently married the artist Margaret Macdonald, and together they created the White Dining Room, including a hallway opening onto the street and divided off by a wooden screen with leaded glass panels, giving those entering a glimpse into the room itself. The Tea Room became so popular, it was a tourist destination for those visiting Glasgow. Eleven years later, Mackintosh was to perform more work on the Tea Room creating the Cloister Room and Chinese Room.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hand crafted in Italy in the late 60′s or early 70′s.
MATERIALS: Black stained ashwood. Dark rose velvet upholstery
WIDTH BACK:  41 cm / 16 in
WIDTH FRONT:  47 cm / 18.5 in
DEPTH:  43 cm / 17 in
HEIGHT:  151 cm / 59.5 in
SEAT HEIGHT:  45.7 cm / 18 in