Venezuelan Book Shelf

This  cupboard is 80′s high design from Venezuela. Handmade by the best Venezuelan craftsmen out of the best materials according to Italian inspired design sense.

Shelf’s Story

In the 80′s there was an energetic affluent class in Venezuela who put much effort into the design of their homes and furnishings. Imports were heavily taxed or not possible, and a vibrant trade of furniture design boomed. Best craftsmen and materials were used to reproduce European designs or designs inspired by them. This shelf is a typical piece of Venezuelan craftmanship from the 80′s. Italian inspired, beautifully crafted and elegantly functional.

SPECIFICATIONS: Handmade in Venezuela
MATERIALS: Natural oak and black lacquered South American hard wood
HEIGTH: 160 cm / 63 in
DEPTH: 41 cm / 19 in
WIDTH: 95 cm / 37 in