Vladimir Kagan Cloud Sofa Modernica

Inspired by Vladimir Kagan’s 50′s sofa designs, this sofa was handmade at Modernica Studios in LA for Paramount Pictures movie studio in the 1980′s. Currently, Modernica has a similar sofa in their production line, but it has different dimensions. This sofa has the look of a love seat, but is bigger and fits comfortably three people.

Sofa’s Story

Vladimir Kagan set the trend for a new approach to home furnishing by introducing the Serpentine sofa in 1950. The concept behind the design was to provide uninterrupted wall space, while the curvilinear lines of the sofa act as connections between elements in a room. It was created with the intent to be organic and not decorative. Sofas designed by Vladimir Kagan are recognized throughout the world for their flowing lines and sweeping curves.

This sofa was used at Paramount movie studio’s different sets for over a decade. The sofa was designed and hand crafted at Modernica Studios using Vladimir Kagan’s Serpentine sofa and Isamu Noguchi’s Free Form sofa as inspiration. It is ideal for open plan spaces, as it can be approached and used from any side. Modernica Studio’s master builders upholster each piece meticulously with a 12° angled edge, which runs a complete 360° around. This continuous angle visually uplifts and gives the impression of floating —like a cloud. The smaller size of the sofa was used to prevent the movie starts from appearing small on film.


SPECIFICATIONS: One sofa. This sofa was a special order for Paramount movie studio from http://modernica.net/ . The size of the sofa is between love seat and standard medium Cloud Couch. The sofa is in great structural condition, but is in need of upholstering.
MATERIALS: Hardwood frame, maple legs, wool upholstery
WIDTH:  83 in
DEPTH:  45 in
HEIGHT:  28 in