Eliel Saarinen Arm Chair

Eliel Saarinen designed the armchair for his own house at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1929. This particular chair is built by Arkitektura and is numbered 008, most likely it was produced in the 30′s. It was auctioned off 2011 from one of the registered Chicago Art Deco homes. It is a very heavy solid walnut, mahogany and maple chair with beautiful inlays. This chair is different from the later produced chairs, as the legs are not dark mahogany, but the same color as the chair body. Authorized Cranbrook reproduction, signed with metal tag. 

This Chair’s Story

The Finish designer Eliel Saarinen moved to the United States in 1925. Saarinen was asked by George G. Booth to develop the Cranbrook Educational Center at Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – currently referred to as the Cranbrook Academy of Art. This project was intended to be similar to the Bauhaus idea in Germany. Eliel himself designed only a handful of chairs, but has influenced directly or indirectly a whole generation of chair designers. Students of Saarinen at Cranbrook were: Charles and Ray Eames, Florence Schust (later Florence Knoll) and Harry Bertoia. Eero Saarinen is his son.

The chair was originally produced for Eliel Saarinen’s own living room. It has never been in mass production, but there have been four companies that have had the right to produce it. Arkitektura (manufactured by Charles Phipps & Sons), Adelta and Boknäs. Arkitektura was the original manufacturer.


Good condition. Age appropriate wear. Needs reupholstering.

MATERIALS: Hardwood construction. East Indian rosewood, African mahogany, afromosia and maple veneer. Solid ebony trim with black upholstery tacks. clear lacquer finish.
WIDTH: 63 cm / 24.7 in
DEPTH: 54.5 cm / 21.5 in
HEIGHT: 79 cm / 31 in
SEAT HEIGHT: 46 cm / 18 in