About Us

Sari-Stenfors-copy-2Welcome to my world!  I’m addicted to the visual intelligence of perfectly designed chairs. For over 30 years my hobby has been to collect 1920s – 50s modernist chairs. Especially chairs that were designed by architects. Sometimes also other objects of beauty find me.

My hobby has gotten out of control. These objects no longer fit into my home and are tucked away in storage. That is such a shame. They need to do what they are meant to be doing – enhancing everyday life and bringing joy.

Please enjoy their stories here, and if you would be interested in adopting any one of the chairs, let me know.  They are all for sale. If there is a chair you think is missing, the likelihood is that I have it in the storage hidden in the far away corner. There are many more chairs that have not yet gotten their picture taken and page uploaded. It is a work in progress, but one day they will all be featured here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at IconicChair@Live.com